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Post-concussive syndrome (PCS) is a condition that can develop after a concussion, typically as a result of a head injury. We’ll explain what post-concussive syndrome is and what are the common signs to look for.

Post Concussive Syndrome

Post-concussive syndrome (PCS) can happen after a person suffers a concussion in an auto accident or slip and fall, for example. It’s characterized by a variety of symptoms that last for weeks, months, or even years after the initial injury occurred. While most people recover from concussions within a few weeks, some may experience symptoms that linger on and interfere with their daily lives. 

Common Symptoms and Signs of Post Concussive Syndrome

These are the most common symptoms and signs of PCS.


Persistent headaches are one of the most common signs of PCS. The headaches can vary in intensity and may worsen with physical activity or cognitive exertion. 

Post-Traumatic Headache

PCS often includes a specific type of headache called a post-traumatic headache, which is similar to a tension headache and a migraine. 

Dizziness and Balance Problems

Those suffering with PCS may experience dizziness, vertigo, and problems with balance. These symptoms can significantly impact mobility and increase the risk of falling. 

Sleep Disturbances

Changes in sleep patterns are often reported in those with PCS, including insomnia, hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness), and disrupted sleep patterns. 


Chronic fatigue is common in PCS and can interfere with daily activities, work, and socializing. This fatigue may persist even with adequate sleep. 

Cognitive Difficulties

PCS can impair cognitive function, leading to memory, concentration, attention, and processing speed difficulties. Those with PCS may experience “brain fog” or feel sluggish mentally. 

Sensitivity to Light and Noise

Many people with PCS become hypersensitive to light (photophobia) and noise (phonophobia), which can make other symptoms worse. 

Mood Changes

PCS can contribute to mood disturbances, including irritability, anxiety, and depression. These changes can negatively impact interpersonal relationships and quality of life. 

Visual Disturbances 

Some people with PCS experience visual disturbances, such as blurred vision, double vision, or difficulty focusing. These can affect their ability to perform tasks that require clear vision, including driving and reading, and may impact their ability to carry out personal and work tasks. 

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting may occur, particularly in cases of an acute concussion, but can persist in some cases of PCS. 

Contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

Prompt recognition and appropriate treatment of PCS are crucial to ensuring recovery and preventing potential complications. Anyone who suffers a head injury should seek medical attention, especially if they develop any of the symptoms listed above. 

Seeking legal advice is also essential for anyone who has suffered PCS after a collision or fall. You may be entitled to bring a personal injury claim against the responsible party. 

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