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The death of a loved one is difficult to cope with, no matter what circumstances surround the death. That grief is compounded if the death occurred because of a preventable accident or someone else’s negligence.

The last thing you want to deal with at a time like this is the Florida legal system. It is impossible to put a monetary value on human life—but unexpectedly losing someone can have serious financial consequences for those they leave behind.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can help provide financial security following the death of a loved one who provided for the family. It can also hold negligent parties responsible for their actions, which may help bring some small sense of closure and justice. 

The skilled attorneys at Nonni Homola specialize in wrongful death cases. We are a client-focused law firm, and we understand how hard it can be to reach out during this time of grief. Our Tallahassee wrongful death attorneys are committed to compassionate representation and will help you obtain the relief you deserve. 

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Wrongful Death Examples

Wrongful death cases are sensitive and unique for every client. Here are some examples of wrongful death cases we have handled. It may be valuable to see the type of cases that arise and the settlements we have obtained for surviving family members. 

Car Accidents

Car crashes are some of the most common wrongful death lawsuit cases. Though all are tragic, we recently recovered a $5,000,000 jury verdict for a client whose only child was killed in a car accident. 

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Collisions with large commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers can cause catastrophic damage, and death is not uncommon in these accidents. We recovered a $2,000,000 pre-trial settlement for the descendants of a single mother killed by a tractor-trailer driver in a fiery collision that occurred on Interstate 75. 

DUI Accidents

Driving under the influence is prohibited in all states because of the danger it presents to both the intoxicated individuals and others on the road. Many otherwise law-abiding citizens make the unfortunate decision to get behind the wheel after drinking, and sometimes, these cases lead to a fatal crash. Such a crash would fall into the category of wrongful death. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Collisions with motorcycles are especially dangerous because of the lack of protection around the rider. A newlywed young man was killed while riding his motorcycle home from work. He was rear-ended by a taxi driving over the speed limit. We recovered $450,000 for his family in a pre-trial settlement, which was the maximum amount of insurance coverage available. 

Other Case Types

Though these wrongful death examples are focused on vehicle accidents, we do handle all types of wrongful death and personal injury cases, including: 

You can learn more about other types of cases we handle and the settlements and verdicts we have obtained by visiting our case results page. 

Should You File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death cases give surviving family members the opportunity to seek justice on behalf of a loved one who passed away due to another party’s negligence. Under Florida law, only specific relatives are allowed to file a claim. An attorney can help you determine if you are eligible to seek recovery from a wrongful death case. 

The team at Nonni Homola is here to guide and support you through this difficult time. Call (850) 601-1111 or contact us online for your free case consultation. 

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