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Join us on the latest episode of “It’s No Accident,” where we dive into the intricate world of first-party insurance claims with our law partner, Chris Ferraro.

In this episode, Chris shares his extensive experience and insight into handling claims related to homeowners and commercial property insurance, particularly in the aftermath of hurricanes and other catastrophic events. Discover the challenges homeowners face with insurance companies, especially when dealing with inexperienced adjusters, and the impact of recent legislative changes on insurance claims.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or just curious about the complexities of insurance law in Florida, this episode offers valuable knowledge on protecting your property and understanding your rights. Tune in to empower yourself against the negligence of others and learn how to navigate the often murky waters of insurance claims with expert guidance from Nonni Homola Law Firm.

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Chris received his Juris Doctorate from Florida State University College of Law in 2008, and he was admitted to the Florida Bar in December of 2008 followed by the State Bar of Texas in May of 2009.  He has litigated, mediated, and resolved over five hundred first-party storm damage claims, and he has litigated, mediated, and successfully resolved multiple major construction defect claims with recoveries in excess of $1,800,000.00.

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