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Car accidents happen every day across Florida roads and highways. The aftermath can be stressful and complicated, especially if you have sustained severe injuries.

Understandably, one of the biggest questions is, How long does a car accident settlement take? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the average time for a car accident settlement.

In this article, we’ll look at some common factors that can impact your auto accident settlement timeline.

If you meet Florida’s serious injury threshold to pursue a car accident, we recommend contacting an experienced Florida car accident lawyer.

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How Long Do Car Accident Settlements Take?

The duration of a Florida car accident case can vary widely depending on numerous factors. Read on to learn more about some of the most common factors. 

Severity of Your Injuries

The more severe the accident, the longer it may take to settle the case. In cases where there are serious injuries, there may be a need for extensive medical treatment, which can prolong the settlement process. 

Florida is a no-fault state. Accidents involving minor injuries might not qualify for fault-based compensation, so they will resolve quickly through a personal injury protection (PIP) claim.

Liability Arguments

If there’s a dispute over liability, it can increase the potential settlement timeline. Both sides will argue the other driver is at fault, prolonging a possible resolution.

Filing a lawsuit and proceeding with litigation might be necessary to resolve a liability argument. Your case might resolve sooner if liability is clear.  

Other Legal Issues

Some accidents might involve complex legal issues that need resolving, such as an alleged vehicle defect or multiple defendants. Not all accidents are straightforward.

If there’s a chance that something malfunctioned on your vehicle, the auto manufacturer might find themselves named as a defendant in the case.

Cases involving government entity vehicles are subject to different timelines. You could have only six months to file a notice of claim. Otherwise, you might lose your right to pursue compensation.

Insurance Company Adjusters

Insurance companies must handle claims in a timely manner. However, some adjusters will use delay tactics to buy more time and avoid paying out a claim for as long as possible.

On the other hand, your case could resolve quickly in a situation where the at-fault driver had low insurance limits.

Consider an accident where you have severe injuries, and the other driver’s insurance coverage isn’t enough. In this situation, the insurance adjuster might offer to “tender” the limits to resolve your case.

To pursue compensation beyond this, you must sue the defendant directly, pursue other co-defendants, or file a claim under your underinsured motorist policy (UIM) if you have coverage.

Whether You Hire an Attorney

Hiring an experienced Florida car accident lawyer is one action that can streamline your case and reduce the potential settlement timeline.

When you have a skilled lawyer representing you, they will ensure everything moves along as quickly as possible.

The goal is to get you the maximum compensation in the shortest time. However, waiting months or even a year or two may be necessary, pending an investigation.

Your attorney might need to hire one or more experts depending on the severity of your injuries.

How Long Does an Accident Settlement Take to Receive?

Once the case is resolved, the next question people have is, How long does a car accident settlement take to receive?

Once you settle your case, multiple things must happen before you receive any money. On average, it might take a couple of weeks or even a couple of months longer. 

The first step is to finalize the settlement agreement. Once both sides have agreed to a settlement amount, everyone must sign a release of all claims. This document outlines the settlement terms, including any conditions or stipulations.

When a settlement check is issued, it goes to your attorney first. Your lawyer deposits the check into a trust account and handles any outstanding bills first.

Sometimes, a medical provider might place a lien on your settlement. That means your attorney must pay the doctor or hospital first.

Then, your attorney will take a percentage as their contingency fee and costs. Finally, your attorney will send you a check for the remaining amount.

Your attorney will explain the process and help you understand the potential timeline for your case. They will also update you on when the check is received and how soon you will receive your funds.

Contact an Experienced Florida Car Accident Lawyer

If you sustained severe injuries in a Florida car accident, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We have extensive experience representing injured victims for car accident claims in Florida.

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