Florida residents are aware of the devastation that can come with even what is considered a “small” hurricane or tropical storm. The damaging winds and flooding caused by these events can spell doom for many business owners whose businesses are affected.

After all, if a business must close it doors temporarily after a damaging event, the bills for that business still must be paid.

When a business cannot carry on its normal operations after a damaging causing event, business interruption insurance should kick in and provide benefits for lost income resulting from the inability of the business to normally operate. Business interruption coverage generally will cover the following losses:

  • Revenue lost due to the business closure
  • Expenses such as rent and utility costs
  • Expenses related to operating from a temporary location

How We Help Business Interruption Victims

Some policies will cover more than the basic losses for business closure. A thorough review of the policy language will verify what is and is not covered.

However, making a business interruption claim can bring with it several issues which an experienced attorney can quickly address so the business owner receives proper compensation for the claim. Some of the common issues encountered with these claims include:

  • Denial of the claim for an uncovered event
  • Undervaluing or lowball offers made for claimed losses
  • Partial denial of the claim
  • Delaying or stalling by asking for additional unnecessary paperwork or evidence
  • Making settlement offers contingent on signing a “full” release when there should be supplemental payments

Business Interruption Claim Legal Process

  • Call us, email us or message us via our website
  • Describe your case and the circumstances surrounding your injuries
  • Schedule a visit to our office for a free consultation
  • Give us time to build the case: collect evidence, interview witnesses, review police reports
  • Partner with us to bring justice to your situation

Contact an Experienced Business Interruption Attorney in Tallahassee, FL

If you are forced to close your business after a hurricane, be sure to immediately document the damage your business sustains to the greatest extent possible. Many business interruption policies will only provide coverage if the business closes due to an event covered by the policy. For example, if your policy does not cover damage to the building caused by wind, then the policy likely also won’t cover revenue lost by having to close the business due to the wind damage. As a result, documenting what caused your business to close its doors will be extremely helpful when it comes time to make the claim.

It’s critical that you gather as much documentation as possible regarding how much revenue your business earned on average in the months and years leading up to the closure. Past income tax returns as well as profit and loss statements can be very helpful in this regard. Moreover, past utility bills, rent invoices, and mortgage payment receipts will help to further verify the value of your claim.  

If you have been forced to close your business due to hurricane damage, you can’t afford to delay hiring a storm damage lawyer. The advice of Tallahassee lawyers Barret Nonni & Homola can make all the difference when navigating the business interruption claims process. Call us at 850-601-1111 or fill out our free consultation form to hear from one of our lawyers today!