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In Episode 9 of “It’s No Accident,” hosts Mark Nonni and Jaeson Homola, along with guest host Chris Ferraro, delve into the critical importance of preparing for hurricane season through meticulous documentation of property and personal belongings. The trio discusses how taking proactive steps, such as photographing your home’s condition and cataloging valuable items, can be a game-changer when dealing with insurance claims after storm damage. They emphasize the power of having detailed, dated evidence to counteract insurance companies’ common practice of denying claims based on supposed pre-existing conditions. The episode is packed with practical tips and real-life scenarios that underline the necessity of being well-prepared before disaster strikes.

Don’t miss this insightful discussion on how to safeguard your assets and ensure fair treatment from insurance providers. Tune into Episode 9 of “It’s No Accident” to learn how to turn your smartphone into a powerful tool for protecting your home and belongings. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or new to hurricane-prone areas, this episode is a must-listen as hurricane season approaches.

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